We are pleased to offer a selection of Lindhaus products.

Lindhaus Activa 30

Activa represents a new generation of the highest filtration vacuum/dry carpet-cleaning machine all in one. This uniquely designed world class, a single motor vacuum is lightweight and has a patented geared belt system. Activa has interchangeable filtration options, 3M Filtrete (standard), optional charcoal filter (to control odors) or S-Class Hepa filtration. Thanks to the superior engineering of all the components and dynamic balancing of all the parts, you can count on the lowest possible sound levels from the Activa. Easy to use, the Activa carries its tools on-board for quick access. Built in 4:1 stretch hose and telescopic wand have extended reach and the low connecting point for the tools means the vacuum will follow you (not fall on you) when you stretch the hose to reach corners. The full compliment of attachments include the crevice and furniture nozzle with optional dusting tool included on platinum models. We have even engineered a location on the back of the Activa to hold your spare bags!

Lindhaus Dry Cleaning System

Dry Cleaning Systems are a proven revolutionary way to clean carpets and rugs without water. This method of carpet cleaning is highly effective and simple to use with far less mess. Cleaning is performed by one of the Lindhaus DCS nozzle systems listed here and when complete is immediately ready for foot traffic with no drying down time. The DCS scrubs the Lindhaus compound until it penetrates into the fibers deep cleaning and freshening the carpets. The dry cleaning compound is biodegradable and made from our exclusive blend of organic alcohols and natural plant fibers. Using the Lindhaus dry cleaning system provides you with a quick, effective method to clean, freshen and restore matted carpet. There is no need to rent or use hot water extractors which may over wet carpeting leaving behind sticky residues.

Lindhaus HealthCare Pro Hepa

The goal of Lindhaus is to provide a product that is versatile, easy to use and is built with only the highest commercial quality materials. The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use. Its versatility and light weight make it an excellent machine also for domestic use. This multifunction machine represents the beginning of a new generation of Class A vacuums. Lowest noise levels have been obtained with precision engineering of all the components and with dynamic balancing of all the parts. The five-stage filtration system includes, at the final stage, an electrostatic microfilter “3M Filtrete” commonly used in hospitals for biological check. You are guaranteed that all the exhaust air (carbon dust) coming out from the motor brushes is purified, obtaining a superior exhaust air quality. With a push of a button, you can change from a professional dual-motor carpet cleaner to a hard surface or dry cleaning system. The HealthCare Pro also meets all your needs for above the floor cleaning with attachments on board. In fact, it has the versatility to be used as: electric broom, carpet vacuum, backpack, and blower.